Europe against US missile defence

London Saturday 31st january 2009

10am - 5pm

Please read the article: Europe against US Missile Defence An article about Europe against US Missile Defence conference held in London, 31st january 2009, to give Barack Obama a strong signal. Peace organizations protestation against US missile defence in Europe (Czech rep., Poland, UK). - By Patrice Salzenstein (Member of the direction of ’Mouvement de la Paix’, french peace organization).

Lire l'article "L'Europe contre le bouclier antimissile" (français) / Read the article: "Europe against US missile defence" (english).

Call for the conference:

Come to CND’s conference to demonstrate the strength of opposition to US Missile Defence across Europe, with politicians and campaigners from Britain being joined by their counterparts from the Czech Republic, Poland and Germany. President Bush has backed US 'Missile Defence' since he was elected in 2000, including unilaterally withdrawing from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty with Russia in 2001. Designed to give the US military 'full spectrum dominance,' it is destabilising relations with Russia and causing concern across Europe. Barack Obama has not yet given his full support to the system – let’s send him a clear message of opposition in his first days as President.


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